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Fusion Cyclone
Alternate names Yūgō taifū shō
Appears in Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series
Inventor Cuber
Users Cuber
Class Kiai
Color       &      

Similar techniques Death Flash
Double Cyclone Burst
Mystic Flasher
Soaring Fist
Spirit Shot
Fusion Cyclone (融合台風掌, Yūgō taifū shō) is one of Cuber's most powerful energy wave techniques. To use it, Cuber puts his right hand in front of his chest with the palm facing left and fingers pointing straight up as he charges invisible ki. When the ki is fully charged, he thrusts his right palm forward, using the ki to force the air in front of him at the opponent at extremely high velocities, creating an immense shockwave with an intense orange-white glow.