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Tenkaichi Stadium

340th TB

Created By DaveyG1986

340th Tenkaichi Budokai Saga Takes place in the year 2009. This is the 1st Saga in Dragonball Omega

At the Start of the 340th Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament, Deivii (the main character) along with his training partner Maiku and their master Hitsurgui come across a new evil bent on taking over Earth by first defeating the greatest fighters at the tournement.

Chapters Edit

  • 1 - 340th Tournament Approaches! Time to Train!!
  • 2 - Training Complete! The Opponents are Chosen!!
  • 3 - Round 1! Let Battle Commence!!
  • 4 - Second Round Begins! The Mysterious Kurisu!!
  • 5 - Semi Finals 1! Kurisu vs Maiku!
  • 6 - Semi Finals 2! Deivii enters the Ring!
  • 7 - Kurisu's Deadly Plan! The Finals Begin
  • 8 - No Mercy for the Weak! The Losers Attack!!
  • 9 - Deivii Snaps! What is happening?!?
  • 10 - Deivii is unreal!?! Kurisu stands no chance!
  • 11 - Kurisu is Defeated. Search for the Dragonballs!
  • 12 - The Dragonballs are missing??? The Return of a Legend!!

Characters Edit

This is the list of characters that are in the 340th Tenkaichi Budokai Saga

Main Characters Edit

Heroes Edit

Tournament Entrants Edit

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